Astro Glitching

and the universe said i love you

A being known as the Glitch, trying to understand the nature of the world.

We don't know much but maybe we can figure out things day by day.

Site undergoing updates. Thank you for your patience.

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Site Updates

2023/7/27 - Gamer Time

- Added page for nonhuman games, will update as time goes on
- Added more links to the links page
- Edited about page a little

2023/5/31 - Still Alive

- edited a bit of the about pages
- current removal of headmate specific profiles
- getting things ready to make fun shrines

2023/4/6 - I take a hammer... and fix the website

- lot of cleanup of code and where things are in files don't worry about that
- added something about fractals to our writings
- added an artwork page, a sitemap, and an updates page
- added a new index page that leads to the home page
- a lot of little graphical changes I wanted to do (scrollbars, little images, etc)