Astro Glitching

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Median Mildly Mirrorlike

Aug 13, 2023

In our system, we are many and yet we are the same. When there is a main fronter switch, we may not notice for days. It is like looking in the mirror and seeing someone else looking back is normal for us. Like the change in who we are does not matter as much as it does for other systems. The effects are relatively small.

Some reasons we may not notice a switch like this is that all of our main fronters share archetropes and collective system identity, both alterhuman and queer. Our lack of an internal headspace/wonderland/etc and generally unbroken stream of consciousness makes us hard to tell apart at times.

If we are blurry or fuse for awhile, it's like adding playdoh to more playdoh, maybe they are different colors at most, but they will mesh together and act as playdoh either way. When we add together we are simply made more.

What makes Danny different from Jeremy, Alcor different from Steven, Jack different from Edward, is not their differences as people, it is their differences in past experiences.

Jack wrote about his concept of fractals. He experiences repetition of the self, various lives as Jack Noir, reaching endlessly into the void. We are a larger version of that in a sense. In his fractals he looks into a hall of mirrors and sees his own face looking back. In our system we look into that same hall and see different faces. I wake up and look into the mirror as Gordon and see dozens of faces looking back, none of them are my own, but all of them are me.

We are median, a dragon with many heads, dice with many faces. We look at ourselves and see a headmate looking back, with experiences that run parallel to our own.