Astro Glitching

and the universe said i love you

When I Remembered

Oct 27, 2022

Dragons vanished long ago
No one remembers why

At this point
No one remembers they were ever real

Stories were told about them

They were said to be
Only meant to be defeated by brave and heroic knights

Everyone wished to be a knight
Everyone wished to kill a dragon

The people would cower in fear before their horrible shapes in the sky

To the world, they were never real
And people were happy for this

I don't know when I remembered

I had long since forgotten
How the air felt beneath my wings
As I would soar above the land

At times I wondered if I could try again
To fly
To leap into the air and not touch the earth again
Not unless I wished to

I knew I was wrong for wanting it
It tore me up inside

How could I want something that terrified so many

The world didn't want that anymore
The world had made it very clear

I had changed myself to fit

My wretched shape was to be changed

My horrible claws
Meant to bring harm
Pretending to be gentle

My terrifying teeth
Meant to devour the innocent
Made dull for their safety

My horns (Evil)
My tail (Disgusting)
My wings (Vile)
Were to never be looked upon again

They were grotesque to the eyes of all who would see them

I would never fly again
I never should have flown in the first place

The world was happier that way