Astro Glitching

and the universe said i love you

Our small collection of things we have written.

Our Blog

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Personal Experiences

\ Becoming Barbara \


We saw the Barbie movie. Thought about ideas and being an idea.

\ Median Mildly Mirrorlike \


Repition of ourselves and how it leads to us being median. Like looking into a mirror.

\ Repition in Personhood \


A small, personal essay about Jacks experience with a term he coined - fractals.

Creative Writing

\ I Used to Fear Bugs \


Something we wrote up about how people at work treat bugs. Jack, being an insectoid, was especially distraught by their actions. Their actions made us think about how if they despised bugs for existing without harming others, what do they think of people who are doing the very same? We thought about how us being queer is similar in the minds of people who care so little.
It made us very scared.

\ When I Remembered \


A short poem about our negative thoughts and experiences with draconity as a young child. As a child, we related the experience of being other heavily to our negative self view. The experience of hiding who we were in order to please others reflected heavily on our identity even though we did not understand it.